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Esther Charis
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A Little Bit about Me

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I am thrilled you took time out to join me on this new adventure, one that has taken many different roads of self-discovery to finally locate. Before we dive into the niche of what will be featured throughout prospective posts, I’d like to first tell you a little bit about me. My roots spring from New England, the quaint little state of Connecticut, where it is, yes, currently brimming with bright fall colors. Eighteen years were spent in the same hometown there before moving here to Florida for university. I’m currently a junior studying Digital Journalism with a minor in the Koine Greek language. My interests vary, I grew up practicing piano two hours every day, spending my weekends in bookstores, and took my baking skills too seriously haha; but I also was greatly involved in my community and athletics at my high school. If you were to ask me what would be my idea of the perfect day from where I am now, I would conjure up to say a room full of books with a beautiful Steinway piano glistening in the middle of the room. Oh, and another HUGE hobby – one that has to do with this blog’s theme – is film. I’ve always not only enjoyed acting (yes, I went to acting school fun fact), but the emotional experience of filmmaking itself. Numerous feelings arise in this position that recoil in other spaces; feelings of romance, captivity, strength, vulnerability, community, history, and memory. I would equate the exhilarating experience to that of gazing upon the New York Philharmonic symphonize an invigorating violin concerto. Previous and current positions have allowed me the opportunity to be involved in film in some way shape or form since the age of 15. Right now, I am a freelance video editor for companies along the east coast and recently released a self-produced a music video on my Youtube channel. I love the potential film possess to offer the world. Inspiring films don’t just engage a viewer, they provoke action to accomplish the underlying premise and purpose of a film. Along with freelancing on the side, I am a part-time credit union employee, acquisition’s editor for a theology blog, executive editor for my university’s magazine, and full-time student. Now that you know a little bit more about me, let’s explore what content will be weaved into this blog’s genre.

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This Blog’s Beat

For a long time last semester and still now, I wrestle with feministic ideas. Though everyone may define the term differently, my learning drove me to uncover many revelations about women empowerment I had never experienced growing up in a patriarchal home. Thus, a monumental passion for encouraging the power and voice of women grew within me. I began writing papers battling the gender disparity. I began to research origins, oppressions, and otiosities thrown at women. It initially made me crave to disbar from my future as a woman. Men seemed to have it made. He was the one to credit for the traditional family’s success. He was the one to never feel the pain of carrying a baby. He was the one to always have the upper hand when it came to decision making. He was the one looked upon for advice from needy families. I could go on, but the point is that women throughout history even until now in young America have experience marginalization in some way shape or form. I am not bashing men in any particular form, but merely stating what every women knows: that if females didn’t fight their way beyond their normal level of confidence, they would be more susceptible to not fulfill their potential. Women, their stories, their feelings, their voices create openings for cross-gender inspiration. And that is exactly what this blog seeks to dialogue about in the upcoming posts. Not only how women are bridging the gender gap, but how specifically women in film are making waves in their creative industry. In the future, I would love to start a non-profit cultivating young girls to reject their own fear and pursue the creative field of their dreams.

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The Hope

Each post will be unique, however, they will incorporate many themes within the film industry where women hold a key leading role. It will elaborate on the effects women can and are experiencing as freelancers in the digital media sphere. This will also involve corporate videography roles, journalistic photo discoveries, and creative developments that have been initiated by women committed to this field. I am not trying to exclude men, but rather, specifying the focus and message of empowerment to women in a field difficult to navigate as life's inevitable changes emerge. The desire is that I would learn by writing and formulating these pieces as much as you glean from reading them. It’s not every day you hear about an extremely achieved director, producer, or editor that’s a woman and this blog aspires to radicalize that.

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