Esther Charistravel

Almalfi Coast, Italy

Esther Charistravel
Almalfi Coast, Italy
Almalfi Coast, Italy

Last summer I had the pleasure of studying abroad in the classic European country of Italy. The experience transformed my perspective of the world in so many unique ways. As we toured through 14 characteristic cities, we received true insight into beautiful European locality and identity. These few images are from one of the cities we visited along the coast, known as the Almalfi Coast. Hope you enjoy!

italian men on beach.jpg

I also wrote a photo essay (mostly photo story-telling, though there are some introductory words) paralleling Italian methods of transportation as catalysts toward achieving personal dreams. You can find it HERE

yellow building in italy
boats on italian coast
italian smoothie man
flowers on almalfi coast
bike in italy
italian driver
ristorante pizzeria
pretty girl in italy
pretty photographer in Italy
white house in italy
girl in almalfi coast
sailboats on Italian coast