Cyber Monday 2018 Deals: Girlboss Finds

Cyber Monday 2018 Deals: Girlboss Finds

Girlbosses around the globe are taking into consideration the incredible deals and bargains Cyber Monday offers year after year. Who said Cyber Monday deals are only to buy those early Christmas presents? Female entrepreneurs, STEM affiliates, and planners capitalize on this day as being one of the best times to grow their business by purchasing new developments from others. Black Friday (though still overwhelming) has diminished in effect from those who are particularly web-savvy because they choose preparatory wisdom shopping online over indecisive shopping in-store. It’s completely OK to shop throughout the year in hopes what you’ve aimed to buy goes on sale around cyber Monday.

A video below explains the evolution of how Cyber Monday came to exist:

Black Friday has been around for decades, but Cyber Monday is a fairly new addition to internet explosive holidays where sales run rampant. I invested almost my entire Friday this past weekend into exploring loads of stores at the outlets only to return home empty-handed. Nothing suited my fancy; however, that doesn’t have to be you! I could have saved so much time by simply shopping online in the first place for things I knew I was looking for and wanted. Sweaters, planners, jewelry, black knee-high boots, you’ve guessed it: they have it all – online. And while I am not in any way diminishing the bright happy light of Black Friday, I do think that Cyber Monday is worth equal treatment for achieving your business and personal needs. For those of you just starting on your Cyber Monday knowledge journey, hopefully the showcases below reveal a step into a new world of discounted media finds!

Why not approach these deals as:

  1. A chance to strategize what you or your company needs

  2. A chance to save loads of heartache on financial budgeting

  3. A chance to support small businesses when the price is right

Throughout my interviewing, I’ve gained much advice from female digital freelancers who suggest plunging into the full advantages of Cyber Monday. This is such a great holiday season for addressing gifts, personal needs, family needs, business needs, side-hustle needs, and many other types of equipment. I have taken the liberty of sifting through numerous online deals for you go-getter ladies, so let’s dive on in!

Play! By Sephora

This makeup and beauty set comes in so many fun colors and markets itself as being completely natural. The Sephora package contains many of the beauty tools you can try out to see if you like them as well as how you can best use them. Depending on your preference (Matte or Dewy), it contains for the matte version: a smashbox photo finish pore minimizing primer, Sephora collection beauty magnet concealer, Clinique chubby stick sculpting highlight, cover Fx, perfect setting powder in light translucent, Peter Thomas Roth, Hungarian thermal water mineral-rich moisturizer, IT Cosmetics confidence in a cleanser skin-transforming hydrating serum, Fenty beauty by Rihanna pro filter soft matt longwear foundation multi-shaded packette. To view the other benefits and perks, feel free to click the image above which will take you directly to the beauty box. Or click HERE

Bath & Body Works In the Stars: 3-Wick Candle

Bath & Body works has some great deals this weekend, including THIS wintery glitter candle perfect to kickstart your holiday season! Not only is it scented, but it also has three different wicks to light adding the perfect level of romance to any occasion or dinner that you host. And this isn’t the only great deal Bath & Body works is offering, they’re offering $10 off any $30 purchase with the code EXTRA10. This leave you with an overflowing shopping bag and more money in that girlboss pocketbook of yours.

Society 6: Yolke Girl Art Print

Society6 sells some of the trendiest art currently available on the modern market. Though the image pictured isn’t the only art print (by Isabelle Feliu) that’s 30% off with free shipping, it is one of the prints that I deem extraordinary with the details of color and shape. They also have five different sizes you can buy each art print in, ranging from an 8x8 inch to an X-Large 28x28 inch. All you have to do is use the code BFSAVE at checkout. 

Paper Source Planners 

If you’re an extreme planner, like many feminine felines nowadays, you have to check out Paper Source’s beautiful custom planners. You can choose from a myriad of background scenes and get your name engraved within the front-cover’s artwork. The deal Paper Source offers this weekend is Free Shipping on any order over $50, which if you needed a custom planner say for when the new year roles around, now is the perfect time to cash-in! Click HERE to see one of my favs.

Anthropologie: 30% off Everything + FREE Shipping 

Okay Anthro, you got me – always. Not kidding. Anthropologie remains that constant heart throb pounding within my chest. They are so incredible, and I’m talking their home goods, furniture, clothing, books, scarfs, you name it! This weekend they’re offering a special 30% off EVERYTHING (I know, right?), pretty crazy. Above are just a few suggestions, but if I was you I would be scouring all the beautiful winter wonders available on their impeccably curated site.