A Hepburn Mood

Audrey Hepburn reminds me of a quintessentially chic and classy lady living in America. Her style is timeless yet effortless, and her personality drew even the most ostentatious of people.

Recently, towards the end of this past March I was flying on the United Emirates to Thailand, and if you know anything about that airline you KNOW that the movies make it the most luxurious flight everrr (okay, yah the food too tbh). It's rather difficult for me to drift into an unconscious state on planes - even if the airline does provide pillows, blankets, sleeping masks, and socks - so I took the 16 hour window of opportunity and became glued to the screen, enthralled with every Audrey Hepburn film I found.

She just carries herself as a woman of self-confidence ought. Beautiful both in & out, but not allowing her outer beauty to outshine her inner soul. Her films spark a young playfulness that girls today sense inside of them, but occasionally fear letting out, especially as they get older. It's hard to single out any one particular film of hers, but I thoroughly enjoyed "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - the most iconic of her roles. When her eyes light up as if she's just seen a ghost, they become so wide with wonder and excitement that seeps into any viewer's skin. Also, I just found out she passed away from cancer only five years before I was born! Anyway, to the central factor at play...

The Audrey Hepburn Mood Board

The desire through this post is to spark creativity, imagination, hope, and inspiration for the week ahead through compiling a synthesized mood board for you!

You can print this off (I've created a downloadable freebie for you here!) and pin it to your desk, post it for your friends to visualize, or play around with the colorful feelings in your personal activities. The idea is to simply bring you encouragement and stimulation to help in fulfilling your dreams for the week ahead!

Attached in the FREE printable is:

  1. An Audrey Hepburn themed Mood Board
  2. An Audrey Hepburn themed Checklist to Plan your Week 
  3. An Audrey Hepburn themed Dream Achiever!
  4. An Audrey Hepburn Infamously Stylish Quote
  5. An Audrey Hepburn Look-alike Outfit
Audrey Hepburn Quote: "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness, and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

An Audrey Hepburn Outfit Theme

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Hope you enjoy these little pretty things and stay inspired throughout your week!! Here are a few iPhone backgrounds you can also feel free to save to your home or lock screen for the days ahead. 

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