Esther Charis
Esther Charis
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Who Am I? 

17 Year old high school senior currently living in New England - born & raised. 

I am the founder of @Girlipendent, a movement for girls who desire to be independent of the world, but dependent on Christ. I desire for each girl's specific voice to be heard.

My old Blog was as some of you might know. I think I just grew up a little & realized that Squarespace has so much more to offer in every way - I hope you thinks so too!



Right now, I work as the graphic artist and photographer for my church but also enjoy serving on the worship team or in leading the kids. While ministry has always been the majority of my life, I also am president of my class, accompany elementary choir on the piano, participate in our highschool choir & handbell choir, tutor (apart of ACHS), and try to get involved where the Lord leads. I excitingly also just completed a 33 hour acting school and have John Casablanca's Acting & Talent agency as my current acting agent. 

I love to read, write, and create.

Favorite Things

Music is a big one - I'm a huge fan of almost every genre (excluding country & screamo as of now)

Eating food with my family (BAKING) - meals are so much fun when you get to eat and cook with the people you love

Putting on makeup - it's actually rather therapeutic

Go on random adventures (even if it's just to the mall) 

Taking portraits of people - I just can't get enough of the incredible detail and emotion that are in one's face